Signs from the Other Side

Do you believe in life after death?  Do you think it is possible for our loved ones to give us a sign they are with us? Some of you may believe and some of you may not.  Personally, I believe it does exist, and see it time and time again with those who do believe it possible.

First you need to be open to the idea of life after death in order for the pathway or channel to be open for them to give us a sign.  If you do not believe this process is even possible then that blocks and becomes a hurdle making it more difficult or impossible for them to connect with you.signsfromabove

There are numerous ways in which they can show you they are with you. Electronics for one example, if the TV turns on or off by itself, unless of course there is the obvious power failure.  Or perhaps you are having a difficult time and turn on the radio to hear the song that reminds you of them is a sign they are indeed there with you. Other subtle signs can be hearing a knock and no one is there or the door open and close, even footsteps or laughter.

You can also perhaps physically sense them.  Have you ever seen a shadow out of the corner of your eye and turn to look and nothing is there.  Or do you ever get the chills up and down your arms for no reason or the room temperature changes rapidly.  You feel a soft breeze in the air, or smell the scent of their perfume are more examples.

Seeing feathers can be a sign from above as well.  If you see one falling, or on the ground immediately ask who it is from and trust it is them watching over you.

Are they always there and always watching?  I don’t think so, but my belief is that after they cross over they stay earth bound or connected to us for a period of about two to three years.  I feel our grief holds them to us and they stay with us to make sure we are ok and processing the grief.  Once they see we are beginning to move forward then I believe they only come to visit.  They may visit us during trying hardships, or celebrations such as a birth or wedding.

Ways to receive a sign first and foremost, believe it is possible, secondly ask then wait for your sign.

There is a superstition about finding a penny on the ground that is a sign that it is from your guardian angel or passed loved one. I often tell people to save them in a small jar and when you’re really missing and lonely for that person the jar of pennies shows you how many times they were there with you even if only in spirit.

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