Manifesting Love

The most frequently asked question by my clients are always about love.  When will I find somebody?  Is there true love for me?  We all try to find that another person who compliments us and makes us whole.  It is part of who we are as human beings to seek out companionship.  Through my own personal experiences as well as what I have learned professionally, I have found there are several things we can do to manifest love in our lives.

Firlovest and most importantly you must love yourself.  Like the saying goes “like attracts like”.  If you are not loving yourself first, then how do you expect someone to love you the way you desire?  It is not their responsibility to make you happy, it is yours.  When you learn to put yourself and your needs first then you will find someone who is also complete, happy, and ready to love another because they already fundamentally love themselves.

Next, it is important to clear out your past relationships.  How you can make room for someone new if you are holding on to the past along with the pains and hurt?  For example, if you are hurt because someone was unfaithful then you are hurting only yourself.  Take this as a lesson to yourself and manifest that the next person will be loyal.  I often suggest to my clients to write a letter to the past partner that hurt them so deeply.  Express everything you need to say, like they were sitting right there in front of you and do not hold back.  Now you do not have to mail them the letter, instead burn it on a full moon to help you let go.  Putting it down on paper helps to let the energy go instead of carrying it inside of you.

Also, sit down and make a list of ten things you are looking for in a partner and make sure they are realistic traits.  For instance, they are faithful, honest, humorous, and hardworking.  Make sure this is what you “need” in a partner.  If you say you “want” a relationship it is harder to manifest because the word want means to lack and not have.  I often refer to the Rolling Stones song “You don’t always get what you want but you get what you need”.

Clients often ask when and where they will meet this person as well.  My reply is not where you will meet them but when you are ready to meet them.  Allow the universe to manifest it for you.  I find more people find love at the least expected moment when they weren’t even looking.

It is important as well not to settle for the first thing that comes along, look back at your list see if this person meets the things you wrote down.  If not, then move on and be patient and wait for the one with your specific needs.  This could just be a test to see if you are genuinely ready.

Finally, you can utilize the crystal rose quartz as well, as it is known as the stone of love.  It is helpful in attracting a new loving relationship and can be worn as jewelry. It helps to heal from old relationships and attract love.  I hope that some of these suggestions are helpful to you in your search for finding love at last.

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