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Most of us get home every day and pull into the garage ready to step inside the house and relax after a long day. However, what almost nobody does is pull into the garage at the end of the day and think about how badly we need to organize it. The typical garage for nearly everyone is a free-for-all and catch all space. Below are some suggestions to keep your garage clean and organized so it does not impact the energy of other spaces in your home.

Attached garages are considered a part of the home and depending on where the garage is located, this may affect the energy area of the octagon known as a “Bagua”. Here are the major examples of garage locations please note this is looking at the residence from the street towards the home:

Front right side of residence travel and our interactions with others who are helpful. This section is of great significance both personally and professionally. If your garage is on the front right side of your home and is cluttered, it can create excuses for being unable to travel.

Front left side of the residence is related to the higher learning or knowledge sector of our lives. Disorganization located here makes challenging to focus on studies, or never have time to obtain a higher degree of education.

Back right side of the home is the relationship sector and this may create conflict and discord with a spouse or partner, and finding it difficult to have good friendships.

Back left side of the home represents wealth and prosperity and having an unorganized garage here can hinder our finances- think paying off debts, or saving money.

If the garage door connects to the kitchen this can negatively affect health as the car can carry noxious fumes and pollution directly into your food and body. A remedy for this is to place plants in the kitchen to promote healthy Chi.

Two story homes that have a bedroom above the garage may find it difficult to sleep at night because of the energy of the vehicle inside the garage. If this is the case try moving the bedroom and instead make this room ideal for say a home office, craft room, or gym as it will actually aid in productivity.

If you are entering into your home from the garage the condition of the garage strongly affects your personal energy. If it is a messy view, disorganized, and dirty this can leave you, and the residents feeling frustrated and cranky for no good reason. It is also considered to be negative entering into the residence from the garage because it is considered to be the “servant” entrance which can hinder our job performance or promotions. It is always best to enter the home through the front door as this is considered the “mouth” of the residence. Entering from the front door feeds Chi energy into the home which is a vital force in our lives.

Organizing and cleaning up the garage can have positive influence on your life. Buy large storage bins to store specific items like sports equipment, holiday decorations, and memorabilia. Throw away items that are not used, or donate them sprucing up this area will have a positive impact on your life.

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