Spring Cleaning your Soul

The days are getting longer, its warming up outside, and the flowers and trees are getting ready to bloom as our final alert that Spring is just around the corner. Springtime is that sweet spot of the year where we can enjoy the outdoors without sweltering heat or frigid temperatures. It is largely regarded as a time to regenerate, renew, and awaken the soul within us- most of us know it as “spring cleaning” season. Besides pulling out the mop, broom, and furniture polish to clean away the dust, here are some tips on how to clean your soul.

Being confined indoors during the cold winters can bring bad habits come spring. Because of the colder weather many of us find excuses to not go outdoors for a walk or to the gym and find we are shut in more watching TV and not taking care of our physical needs. It is key we get outdoors and find an activity we enjoy. This can be as simple as taking a walk- being connected to nature can help you tune in to the subtle energies of your spirit and energy guides.

Take your shoes off and walk on the ground barefoot, this is called earthing and helps us to connect with nature and ourselves. Another great benefit of spring is that our gardens thrive. Gardening and working your hands into the soil is a direct way to connect with mother nature and tune in.

Reduce the social media, internet, and news these are mostly negative distractions. It is difficult to focus on your internal spirituality when you are completely tuned in to external stimuli. By limiting your time on these outlets, you will find you have a stronger sense of peace and tranquility instead of being on sensory overload.

For the moments when connecting with the outdoors is not possible, it’s important to create a positive internal space for yourself where you can connect with your soul by practicing meditation, mindfulness, or deep breathing.

Detoxify negative relationships that no longer serve you and eliminate people who do not support or lift your soul. Having relationships that are toxic and draining only hold your soul back from growth and a sense of peace.

Use your creativity often and let your inner child play. How do you like to express your creativity? Painting, writing, dancing, crafting? Use your creativity often. Being creative aids, the spiritual process and it helps the soul to shine.

Beautify your surroundings. Yes, keeping your home clean and orderly can significantly impact your soul for the better. Keep all your spaces clean, and organized as this helps create a calmness for your soul and remember clutter creates chaos. Finally, use caution with whom you let in to your sacred space.

Focus on the positives in your life to help attract better things coming for you. Focusing on the good leads to a continually healthy, and happy soul.

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  1. Freteshia says:

    Thank you Grace even tho summer is creeping around the corner, I feel this is so needs especially the creative section with Art a had no idea it helps the soul to shine.Im applying this to this month for sure.

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