Divine Uses for Essential Oils

eousesEssential oils are aromatic liquids that are derived from many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots and bushes. The oils may be used to promote well-being and can also be used to raise your senses and enhance your psychic or spiritual experiences. There are many ways to use essential oils such as in your bath, a diffuser, or topically by applying directly to your skin. Oils may be applied to your psychic centers: between the eyebrows (the third eye), the top of your head (the crown area), and your chakras. Listed below are some oils and their psychic or spiritual properties.

Angelica– Known as the “Holy Spirit” root or the oil of angels. Use to help connect with your guardian angels. Wear on shoulders for protection. Helps to purify the air and energies.

Cedarwood– Stimulates the pineal gland and clears the mind. Strengthens divine connection.

Clove– Stimulates dreams and creates a sense of protection and courage.

Elemi– Helps to clear the mind and conductive in meditation.

Fennel– Believed to ward off evil spirits and protect against negativity.

Frankincense– Uplifting, balancing, purifying, protective. Use in mediation to connect with your guides. Promotes enlightenment, and transcendence.Dispels negativity. Very sacred oil.

Lavender– Can aid in dream recall and clairvoyance. Opens the third-eye chakra.

Lemon– Lifts and clarifies the mind. Encourages positive energy and uplifted spirits.

Lemongrass– Promotes psychic awareness and purification.

Myrrh– Grounding, healing, and purifying. Clears blocks and encourages enlightenment. Also considered a Holy oil.

Patchouli– Stimulates spiritual growth. Great when used for divination and self-hypnosis.

Peppermint– Aids in purifying and stimulating the mind, heightens awareness.

Purification– Helps to cleanse the energy in the home and remove negativity.
Rosemary- Protective, cleansing, opens heart chakra, helps in letting go and attracts blessings.

When applying the oils topically some may burn sensitive skin, if this occurs apply carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba to help dilute and stop any burning sensation. Read labels carefully to ensure proper usage and they are 100% pure essential oil for maximum benefits.

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