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fudogsIn art of Feng Shui there are many different kinds of symbols for safeguarding and protecting the home from negative dark energies entering. The Chinese believe in many celestial guardians such as the Phoenix, Dragon, Tortoise, and Tiger. Outside of the homes and many businesses you may see guardians such as Fu Dogs, Pai Yao Dragons, or Massive Lions guarding to protect the occupants. Here are some examples of Feng Shui security against negative energies.

Placing an apple inside your home promotes peace. The word apple in Chinese is “ping” which sounds like the word peace. Prominently displaying one can promote peace inside the residence. You can choose an apple of any material such as ceramic, glass, metal or wood. Displaying six real red apples in a bowl on your table promotes both peace and harmony.

Negative vibes can be remedied with burning incense as it is powerful in clearing negative vibes. I recommend if there has been an argument in your home to burn incense to help “clear the air”. Burning natural incense is best to help creature pure energy. When you begin to feel the tension come into your home this is a reminder to burn incense again.

Another thing to consider is the infrastructure by your home. Do you live near a hospital or a funeral home? A hospital representing illness and a funeral represents death. If so, then placing a Bagua (an eight sided octagon) on the side of the home facing the structure helps to keep the negative energies from coming into your home. This is also helpful if you have neighbors that you do not get along with as well. You can purchase a Bagua easily online or go to your local craft store and purchase a mirror that is octagon shape. If you are not comfortable with placing the Bagua outside, you may also put inside a window sill facing outwards to the negative energy.

Essential oils are also another way to protect and invite good energy into your home. Make sure to purchase pure, therapeutic grade oil to obtain optimum benefits. I use a glass spray bottle filled with water and a pinch of Himalayan salt,  and a few drops of essential oil such as Purification or Frankincense. Walking around the home to each room spraying the oil helps to clear negativity in the space.

The Native American custom of “smudging” is growing in popularity among many cultures. You can find a smudge stick which is a tightly wrapped bundle of white sage at many health food stores or crystal shops. You light one end of the bundle until it is lightly smoldering and walk through the house burning the sage. I suggest opening closets and drawers as dark energy likes to hide in those places as well as opening doors and windows to allow the smoke to “leave” the premises.

Now that you have learned some tips and ideas for successfully utilizing Feng Shui put them to use and enjoy a sense of peace and calming.

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