Crystals for Prosperity

Perhaps you are doing okay financially but would like to attract more wealth, and prosperity into your wallet.  The first thing I believe to be most powerful in attracting abundance is our mindset. Many people live paycheck to paycheck struggling to make ends meet.  Instead of focusing on the keeping your head above water to survive you need to change your belief and focus on your debts are paid in full, and you have a large savings account.  When you focus on the lack you create more lack. So, by just changing that one way of looking at money you open the flow to money coming to you instead of deflecting it. Here are a few tips and crystals that also help to attract wealth and prosperity

Aventurine is considered especially lucky when manifesting wealth as it represents the stone of opportunity to open doors to new business ventures.

Pyrite is very popular and believed to help remedy and overcome financial hardships and attract wealth. It also aids in making decisions regarding money.

Green Calcite helps to dissolve negative thinking patterns that prevent the flow of money and helps to encourage and expand the mind.  Also considered a lucky stone.

Green Jade is considered the stone for prosperity, wisdom, and harmony and considered very lucky in promoting the flow of abundance.

Tigers Eye will give you the willpower and motivation in order to gain success and also aids in the ability to be successful.

Citrine is considered the best of the prosperity crystals and is also known as the merchant stone and great for businesses.  I advise business owners to place three pieces of citrine inside the cash register or bank bag to attract steady customers.  Citrine is also a crystal that cleanses itself.

When selecting your crystals, I suggest holding the stone in your hand and sensing the vibration and if it feels right to you.  Cleansing your crystals once you purchase them by soaking them overnight in salt (some people like saltwater) to remove other people’s energy that have touched the stones. You can then place the crystals in sunlight to help recharge them.  It is also believed that giving someone a crystal is lucky for both the recipient and the giver.

Eight is considered the number of wealth and prosperity.  Purchasing eight crystals and carrying them inside a small pouch, purse, or your wallet is believed to insure you are never without money.  You may also place the crystals in the southwest corner of your home or business as this is known as the wealth sector in Feng Shui.

Another tip is to always make sure that the money inside your wallet is organized.  Placing the bills by denomination from smallest to largest and facing upright allows for the flow of money to come to you.  If you are just throwing money loosing into your purse or wallet it creates chaos with your finances. Wishing you wealth and prosperity.

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