Fitness for the Spirit and Soul

A huge buzzword in the fitness industry is “balance”. We hear it all the time that we need balance. Exercise is negated if you aren’t balancing it out and eating right. We should have a balance of how much time is spent working out, how much at work, and how much with friends and family. In all of this, spiritual well-being is often left out of the conversation even though it’s likely the biggest part of mental, emotional, and physical health.

Be sure to take care of yourself and your individual needs first.  In doing so you are less stressed and better equipped to help others too. Many of us crave peace and quiet but in today’s world find it hard or nearly impossible to find time for ourselves. Here are few suggestions for living a more rewarding and peaceful life.

Set aside time daily for meditation in a place free of distractions such as TV.  You can set up a small alter with a deity, candles, and incense or even just play calming music. We do not practice deep breathing enough and has been proven that slowing down your breathing and clearing your mind is beneficial in alleviating anxiety, lowering stress levels, lowering blood pressure and improving heart health.

Treat yourself to a nice new journal for a place to be able to express your thoughts and emotions. It is especially important to write down the negative and toxic ones as a way to purge them. Being able to express yourself and get it off your chest is a great way to have maintain inner peace.

Adult coloring books with beautiful patterns such as mandalas or flowers are another way to clear the mind and melt away stressors.  Personally, I’ve found it as a good form of meditation.  Being creative and allowing your inner child to color and create is truly good for the soul.  After spending some time being creative you may find you have a sense of inner calm. Another takeaway is higher focus and a better perspective on what’s plaguing you.

If you enjoy the outdoors, taking time in nature is great for the spirit. It’s important to walk barefoot in the water and enjoy the feeling of the sand between your toes instead of worrying about the mess it’ll make in the car later. In another words, don’t focus on the negative, just enjoy the beach!  This is called grounding and can really help you to release stress levels and feel connected in life.

More traditional ways of feeding the soul and spirit are faith-based through regular attendance of church or synagogue. If these channels aren’t for you, consider joining a yoga class once a week to give you balance in life and align your chakras.  Booking a massage for yourself as another way to relax and take care of your spirit.

Whether or not you go to the gym to work your physical body, please make sure to take time to do something for your spirit and soul.

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