Astrological Christmas Trees

xmastreeTis’ the season to be festive!! Here are some decorating ideas that will compliment your home based on your astrological sign.

Aries The Ram is the first of the zodiac signs and likes to lead and be noticed. Picture a marching band they stand out and play the drums and trumpets. Ornaments like mini drums or little drummer boy as well as Angels with trumpets.  Mars the big red planet rules this sign so strings of red Christmas lights are also fitting.

Taurus The Bull is ruled by Venus and is a earth sign.  Wooden ornaments along with shiny, lacy, Victorian ornaments make this a most fitting tree. Metallic golds and silvers along with lighter colors and pastels add to the elegance.  The bull enjoys a classic well designed tree.

Gemini The Twins are known communicators, so a tree that is expressive can be adorned with ornaments such as trumpets, horns, drums, along with musical or signing ornaments.  Also they are the travelers of zodiac, so moving ornaments or a train set under the tree is fitting.

Cancer   Crabs are a water sign and decorations that remind us of the water such as sea shells, coral, mirrored ornaments and the colors blue and green suit them well. Picture small blue lights and tinsel hanging from the branches. Cancers love the family unit, so perhaps a manger scene beneath the tree. Personalized ornaments with family members names or photos.

Leo Lions color is gold and they like large gold and glittering ornaments that look expensive. The bigger the tree the better. Be sure there are plenty of places to put as much tinsel as possible. Leos also like to decorate Christmas presents wrapped in shiny foil, as gifts are a symbol of their generosity. Finish with a huge Angel atop the tree.

Virgo the Virgin likes designer trees solid in colors like red, green, or gold and the traditional ornaments. The tree must be also tall and elegant and covered with glimmering star-like lights. They consider too much tinsel to be gaudy. Fake trees are preferable as they do not like to pick up pine needles.

Libra Librans have a fondness for the past and music, so a Victorian Christmas tree is a good idea. This could be a tall blue spruce decorated with vintage balls from the turn of the century as well as many bows and ribbons.

Scorpio Scorpions like a tall elegant designer tree that is tastefully decorated traditionally and maybe in just a couple of colors. Scorpios like darker and elegant reds in an almost burgundy and beads strung about the tree. Angels or an elegant trump blower is suitable for the top of their tree.

Sagittarius the Archer is a fun sign who likely has their tree decorated in all kinds of toys, dolls, Disney characters, and things that remind us of our childhood.   Fun athletic symbols, such as sleighs and skates, also look good on the Sagittarius tree.

Capricorn The Capricorn is an animal lover and this can be reflected in images of sheep, lambs, dogs, cats, or bears. Capricorns are very family oriented and love children so decorating with handmade edible strings of popcorn for garland or hanging candy canes are well suited for them. .

Aquarius The water bearer thinks ahead and  loves the future, so think space age  The Aquarian also enjoys celestial style ornaments shaped like stars or the moon, and deep blues or purples that mimic space with soft white flickering lights to remind us of the stars above.

Pisces The Fish loves a traditional tree with candy canes, and tinsel. Fake snow or flocked trees along with clear ornaments and some glittering green and blue lights will please them.  A homemade Gingerbread house fits the bottom of the tree well. Top it off with a glowing Star of Bethlehem on top.

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