Soulmate vs Twin Flame

We have all heard the terms soulmate and twin flame but what is the difference between the two exactly?  It’s very easy for us to confuse the meanings of soulmates and twin flames but below are some key differences between the two.

Soulmate Relationships:

Although the relationships between soulmates are often romantic, they don’t necessarily have to be. Soulmates can be friends, family members, neighbors, and even coworkers. The idea that your soulmate is always a romantic partner is a great misconception. A soulmate is someone you feel a strong connection with – there is a simplicity in which they seem to just “get” you. The relationship with a soulmate may teach you life lessons or change the direction of the path of your life.   Challenges in this relationship happen as a way to teach you and have you grow as a result. A common obstacle in relationships is oftentimes jealousy or insecurity. It is important to understand these challenges and work to overcome them and learn so as not to cause detriment to your relationship with your soulmate. In learning and growing from these experiences you will be awakened to a higher level of consciousness or spirituality and develop a deeper bond that cannot be easily cut. It is important to know you may encounter several soulmates during your lifetime as each is there to teach you a lesson, either negative or positive.

Twin Flame Relationships:

Have you ever felt like something was just fate or meant to be? This is exactly how the twin flame relationship can best be described. The twin flame is always a romantic relationship and it is believed that the twin flame is actually the same soul cut into two.  There is a connection on all levels including likes and dislikes. You understand each other completely and have a strong sense of knowing each other from another time.  The relationship feels strong, stable, and unbreakable. When you are apart from another you feel a strong void in your life as if your other half is missing, but also have a sense of trust and faith in the relationship. There is no jealousy or insecurity with a twin flame. Your souls sense a love like never before and you only have one twin flame per lifetime. It is a union of working together as one.  A feeling of not being able to live without the partner if the relationship ends.  Twin flames are commonly referred to as a “match made in heaven”.  Commonly twin flames may live far apart from one another but come together when they are ready.  You may only find and connect with a twin flame after learning the lessons from a previous soulmate relationship.  Once you come together as twin flames it is nearly impossible to break this bond as you are brought together by a divine union.

In closing it is possible for a soulmate relationship to evolve into a twin flame relationship provided both people learn to grow from the partnership of soulmates.

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