A pendulum is a small weight or crystal suspended from a chain usually about eight inches long. Pendulums have been used throughout the ages as a form of divination. One of the most common uses of a pendulum is commonly seen at baby showers when a ring is tied to the end of a string and the direction it swings over the mother to be’s hand or belly indicates the unborn baby’s sex.

The pendulum works with your subconscious mind. Nerve reactions will be sensed on what the subconscious mind knows and these reactions travel through your finger and then through the pendulum. It is then moved by your thoughts.

In choosing a pendulum it is important to follow what your instincts are telling you. Pendulum’s come in many forms of gemstones or metal but if you are drawn to one specifically then that is the one for you to use.
To begin sit comfortably in a chair and relax, holding the pendulum from the top between your thumb and index finger and place your elbow on the table. The more relaxed and focused you are with your question the more accurate your answers will be. Try to not influence the answer from your pendulum but just allow yourself to be open and neutral. Be present in the moment and learn to be patient. It may take you a couple of tries before you can get a clear answer. This will help you to connect with your pendulum in no time.

Keep your eyes on the crystal and ask it to show you ‘Yes’. Without doing anything to the pendulum, it will soon swing in a direction. Usually swinging from backwards and forwards like nodding your head indicates a yes. Then ask to show you ‘No’ it should move in the opposite direction, so right to left like shaking one’s head usually indicates a no. There are instances when the answer is unknown. If this happens, the pendulum may swing in no particular direction, circular, or not swing at all.

After you know what your yes and no directions are, take a moment and ask the pendulum a yes question such as your age or what day it is. Double checking your direction ensures accuracy. Taking a moment and telling the pendulum to stop moving between questions is also important otherwise you may receive an inaccurate answer.

Once you have the yes and no patterns down you are ready to begin asking questions. Start by asking simple questions that you can receive a yes or no answer to. Uses for a pendulum are limitless, such as finding misplaced items. By asking the pendulum a series of questions to narrow down your search. For example, “Are the car keys in the den?” or “Are the car keys in the bedroom?”

May your personal pendulum help you find answers to life’s everyday questions.

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