Astrological Pet Peeves

petastrologyI am the proud Mom of three adorable four- legged boys.  Benji, the eldest, is smart though at times grumpy.  Buddy, the middle child, craves attention and hates to be left alone.  Beau, the baby, is talkative and wonderfully clumsy.  Knowing your pet’s astrological sign might help you in understanding them, or in picking out a new furry friend in the future.

Aries is the leader of the pack, very active and love attention.  Constantly on the go and loved to be walked and play tug of war.  Balls of fire always on the move.  Toys and games suit them.

Taurus needs to be loved, feel secure and in control.  This animal can be very obedient and protective don’t take away their toys this will drive them crazy.  Likes a daily routine.

Gemini is the talker of the pack very vocal.  Will bark at anything.  They do not make good lap dogs because they are constantly on the go and would prefer to run around the house or yard.

Cancer pets love the home and are not the best outdoor animal.  Great with babies and children. Perfect for a family. They will follow you room to room and enjoy sweet treats!

Leo is the king of the pack and they love to be admired, petted and praised.  Love a sunny spot in the house with a plush bed.  Is very loyal to the owner and never leave them out of the fun.

Virgo needs routine not advisable to change their walk times or feeding times.  Do great in training and very clean. Heaven help you if they are dirty.  Easily become ill watch intestines.

Libra is the prettiest pet and is charming.  Love to be adored. At times can be lazy and wants you to do things for them. Don’t like being smothered, give them their space.

Scorpio loves to play cat and mouse and is a very intense pet.  They don’t like obedience school and will retaliate.  Needs a calm and quiet house to sooth this Tasmanian pet.

Sagittarius are the travelers love to be out in the neighborhood.  Lots of rooms for lots of freedom don’t tie them to the home.  Entertaining and love to go for runs.

Capricorn’s are most likely to be the digger. They also love routines and their toys should always be put where they need to be.  Knows when something is wrong and are very keen.

Aquarius are unusual strange pets that don’t care for a routine.  Don’t care to cuddle or be controlled. Like their freedom and dislike collars and fences. Very vocal and barkers!

Pisces are the most caring and kindest of pets.  Very sensitive to your feelings also.  Loves soothing music but have sensitive ears and feet.  Does not care for the outside world.

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