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392051_144503645653131_144499632320199_139847_1399120555_nI am honored to be asked by “The City Magazine” to contribute a monthly article to their magazine.

Articles will range from various topics such as Astrology,  Numerology, Dreams,  and so forth.  I hope to be able to answer your questions that you have wanted to know about but did not know where to look.  My intention is to share with you my many years of studies and enlighten you on varying metaphysical topics, and  for my articles to enrich and educate you in a way that is easy to understand while entertaining. 

The City spacesAlso,  you can find my articles in the new “City Spaces” Magazine where I will contribute articles on Feng Shui in the upcoming issues and how to apply the principals of Feng Shui to your own space.  This publication will come out quarterly.



You can find all these publications in El Paso at all Walgreens locations. 



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