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Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Grace discovered through a near-death experience at an early age that she had inherited intuitive and empathic abilities from her Great Grandmother, also a psychic.  Having studied metaphysical science for over forty years, she continues to develop and hone her abilities in the metaphysical arts through professional experience and continuing education, including earning a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Science.  She engages in a diverse portfolio of metaphysical sciences and counseling, practicing as a certified Feng Shui Consultant from the Feng Shui Institute of El Paso, and is also an ordained Reverend.

For over 25 years, Grace has been performing counseling sessions utilizing her own psychic abilities along with tarot, astrology, numerology, and Feng Shui  to aid her highly diverse client base.  Her talents, insight, and abilities have helped many people gain a better sense of direction and understanding within their own lives.  Known for her honesty and down-to-earth approach, Grace has helped numerous people tap into their own personal powers to create a life full of joy, happiness, and abundance.   Numerous educational and spiritual development resources can be found at the website she maintains at www.GraceThePsychicLady.com

Extensively involved in her community and beyond, Grace has over 25 years of experience doing personal tarot sessions at psychic fairs throughout Texas for the general public. Grace has made numerous professional appearances where she lectured on various topics including Tarot and Feng Shui, and has been featured for her abilities in local and regional news media venues such as the El Paso Times, El Tiempo,  The Morning Show with Buzz Adams on KLAQ-95.5, KOFX -92.3 The Fox with Sarge Preston, KVIA-Channel 7, KTSM-Channel 9, and appeared on the  national TV Show ‘Hardcopy’.  Her articles are featured in her monthly columns that appear in “The City” Magazine and  quarterly in “The City Spaces”, two magazines showcasing the El Paso region.

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