Feng Shui Interior Design Mistakes

The design, layout, and organization of our homes each have a unique impact of the synergy in our lives. The Chinese were first to explore this idea in what is commonly known as Feng Shui. Feng Shui means wind and water and translates to living in balance and harmony. When energy, also known as Chi in Feng Shui becomes unbalanced or blocked it can affect our relationships, well-being, and prosperity.

Here are a few decorating mistakes that can generate negativity in areas of your life.

Artificial plants and dried flowers represent dead stale energy and only good for collecting dust. Instead, use a live plant as they represent growth and aid in our breathing. If you do not have a green thumb then using silk plants or flowers are best as they once came from a silk worm which was alive. Fresh flowers are always wonderful for lifting the Chi at home as well.

Clutter is a huge block in Feng Shui as it creates stagnation and chaos in our lives. Removing excess items such as knick-knacks, tchotchkes, and old newspapers are a must in order for new things to flow into our lives. Your kitchen counter should have as much open space as possible. Storing items underneath the cabinets is helping in clearing the kitchen and only utilize the counterspace for items that are used regularly.

Do not neglect your front door and foyer of your home as this is considered the mouth of the dragon and vital energy enters through the front door. Your front door is where opportunity can come knocking but if you have- say shoes, jackets and other items in this area it may prevent you professionally from getting a promotion or better job.

Hanging pictures in a straight line, with same sized frames down a long hallway is considered a poison arrow in Feng Shui or Shar Chi energy. This can create arguments and hostility with the occupants of the residence. Instead, place photos in staggered assorted frames to avoid conflict. The same holds true for pillars, if you find there is arguing and disagreements in the home too often, try placing some plants at the base of the pillars to soften the energy.

Displaying pictures of family members are always a wonderful way of reminding us of those we love, but keep them current. Display your child’s most recent photos rather than one of them in grade school as having old photos out can hinder their growth and make moving forward difficult when we are living in the past.

Finally, it’s important for you to keep your spaces open and airy. Closed blinds or curtains pull down the chi and negatively impact health and or wealth sectors. Remember, nothing grows where there is no light.

Finally, when choosing a color for your bedroom use colors that are earth or skin toned. Having colors such as red can be disrupting to sleep, while blue in the master bedroom is considered water and could actually drain and wash away a relationship.

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