The New Year 2018 adds to a two in numerology when reducing it down to a single digit. (2+0+1+8=11 1 +1=2). In numerology there are only nine numbers. This year represented the beginning of a new cycle since 2017 added to a one, representing the beginning. If we reflect back we can see this in our government as an example, with a new president elected.

The New Year will focus on partnerships, relationships, and intimate friendships. If you were alone last year, the coming year will be more favorable to find a partner if you are looking for love. The two speaks of harmony, love, and intimacy between two people. If you are in an existing relationship the energy vibration allows us to become more connected to our partner. Unfortunately, if there are underlying issues in the relationship such as resentment, or another person they may be more apparent and magnified. It is a time to focus on our interpersonal relationships. This year you find out who your true friends are.

The two is a period of things beneath the surface that are hidden. A time for us to dig deeper inside ourselves and get down to our very core. Things may not appear to be what they seem so go inward to get to the bottom of it. Planning time for rest, quiet, and meditation are necessary in helping one to maintain inner peace of mind. This is important when looking from a health standpoint to not look at the disease or symptoms but to dig deeper; find behaviors, family history and other factors that may be impacting your health. Keywords are peace and calm.

The number two-year cycle reminds us to finish what we started this year and to polish up on our skills based on goals we set. From a professional standpoint working with others is heightened at this time. If you are looking for a new job on your own it would be easier this year to network or hire a head hunter to help you find position you seek. If you are currently employed you may find that you need to work closer and alongside your co-workers to be more productive and get the job done. With this being said it is highly advisable to avoid office gossip as secrets try to come to the surface.

Financially this is a good time to put away some money which many of us say we will save for our new year’s resolutions. Be on the lookout with your credit cards and make sure you are reading the fine print on any financial agreements to avoid hidden costs such as membership fees, balloon payments, or variable interest rates.

Things to avoid this year are being impulsive or aggressive. Slowing down and going with the flow is of even greater importance in a two. The vibration of the two is to balance, live in harmony with others and to be more nurturing in general. With that said, Happy 2018!

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