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newbeginingsAs we say goodbye to 2016, we usher in the new year with optimism. This holds especially true for 2017 from a numerology standpoint. This year, 2016, when added together is a nine in numerology (2+0+1+6=9) which represented change, endings, and closure.  In numerology, there are only nine numbers, then you start the cycle all over again.  If we look at the past nine years we can see how much change has happened during this cycle.

Reflecting back to nine years ago, we had cellphones which have now advanced into being our GPS, music downloader, camera and more. Today online shopping is easier than ever and is quickly replacing big box retailers. We’re officially in the “Jetson” era- where we can shop online and have anything brought to our front door from clothing to food without standing in line.

If we look back at 2016, we can see many changes.  The biggest one to note was the recent election and how the candidates were more disliked than any ever known before.  There have been moves in government with Great Britain leaving the European Union.  Many of us experienced personal changes ourselves- from our relationships, our homes, and even careers.  The nine vibration gives a “letting go” or “releasing” energy to allow room for something new to manifest into our lives.  Like the old saying: “out with the old and in with the new”

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve we are always ready to make our resolutions to lose weight, and save money. This year is a great year for setting intentions and resolutions because 2017 will be a One in numerology (2+0+1+7=10)

The “One” year represents beginning- starting over. It is an excellent time to plant the seeds for what you want the coming nine-year cycle to bring.  For example, if you wanted to launch a new business in 2016 it may have been impossible or delayed because the nine was about endings and closures, not beginnings.  However, if you want to launch a new business in 2017 it is a great time to do so with the vibration of the One representing the start of all things.

In the “One” year cycle, not only is it a perfect time to start a business but also to get married, change jobs or change your lifestyle.  2016 was full of delays, red lights and speed bumps. 2017 is green lights and hit the road there is nothing stopping you!

If you have the traditional New Year’s resolution of losing weight and working out and start in the cycle of the One, your chances of sticking to it will be more long-term and payoff.  You are planting the seed for what you want long term with the path to it holding working in your favor. If your resolution is to kick a bad habit such as smoking, 2017 will also be a great year to do so as it reinforces a fresh start.

Now that you know the power of the One, set some time aside to set goals and manifest what you would like the new year to bring.  With some hard work on your part and the “One” being on your side, 2017 can be your best year yet!

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