Now that the holidays are behind us and we welcome another New Year, besides the traditional New Year’s resolutions of getting into shape, saving money, or quit smoking to name a few, what does 2016 hold from a numerology standpoint? 

If you take all the numbers 2+0+1+6=9.  Basically in numerology everything will reduce down to only nine numbers making this a cycle.  The number one being the beginning and nine representing the end of the cycle and then repeating.  The last time this occurred was in 2007.  The number nine in numerology represents the humanitarian and is a time of change, letting go of olds ways in order to allow something new to take its place.  As the old saying goes, “Out with the old in with the new”.

In the tarot deck the nine is The Hermit which represents knowledge, seclusion and a time or introspection. You may find yourself often wanting to just stay home and be alone and have time in solitude. Reflecting upon the previous nine years and releasing what no longer serves us.  Many will also seek higher knowledge or wisdom.  Going back to school or wanting to learn something new will be a common theme.  People may also seek a higher sense of spirituality and faith in their religion as the Hermit makes us seek a higher source.

The nine makes us look at things, notice, and pay attention to our surroundings and our lives.  We become more aware and attuned to things instead of just the hustle and bustle of life.  Having a strong and deep concern for all of mankind, the homeless, disabled, and helps us through compassion and understanding making us more aware of our world.

It helps us to accept conditions, or people for the way they are and to forgive and let go. The vibration of the nine can range from the deepest of sorrow to the greatest of joy so that we may gain the understanding and wisdom necessary to truly help others and grow ourselves.

My advice to you in 2016, “Let it go, and let it be” for what you try to hold on to may not be what is best for you.  In order to make room and allow something new to come into your life you must let go.  This could be anywhere in our lives such as our careers, relationships and home.

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